Sunday, July 25, 2010

They say you can never go home again...

So we're back in Perth, where we (well, Min and I) grew up and, as always, it's lovely to be back again.

Thinking about it this afternoon, it occurred to me that it's been about 18 months since I was last here. This is the longest time I've been away from Perth since I was 10 years old. And it's rather odd, coming back after so long. It's still home, of course, it's still a place I know more intimately than anywhere else in this big, wide world, still a place I love, still one of the most stunning spots you could ever hope to end up. This morning we had our breakfast at Cottesloe beach, which was glowing in the morning sunlight, the Indian ocean its usual, unique deep blue. Twenty kilometers across the channel, Rottnest island crouched on the horizon. We've got a cottage booked there in December for a week - a WA traditional holiday.

As I say, stunning.

But, strangely, this Perth - the one we flew into last night isn't the city where I grew up, and today I realized that for the first time.

Seeing Perth today was like looking at something terribly familiar, but just slightly skewed - the elements of the place, the fundamentals and the essentials are all still there, but somehow now it just feels ... Different. It's still home, but not completely. Or not In the same way, perhaps.

Not sure exactly why this is, or if it'll fade as this week goes on, but it's interesting.

Anyway, it's now 11.30 at night ( see, told you I'd post every day, if possible. How's that for dedication?) it's been a long day and I'm pretty certain this post is one of the least coherent I've ever done, , so I'm going to turn the light out and hit the sack.

Night everyone, wherever you are.

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  1. I grew up around Cairns (FNQ) in the early 80s. Try going back there for a visit when NOTHING is recognisable! No cane paddocks left, no sleepy esplande, no one-way roads - all gone.

    I must be getting old...

    (appreciate the late night effort)



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