About Me

I'm an Australian writer, plus a teacher at the University of Canberra, in the Australian Capitol Territory. I've published books for Children, Young Adults and Adults, and have a son named Toby, a wife named Imogen, and a dog named Chelsea.

I started 'Musings from an Outer-Spiral-Arm' in early 2009, as an experiment in making myself write regularly. I promptly neglected it for a fortnight, but somehow it has managed to meander through the last couple of years of my life and is now the closest thing I have to a diary. Except that my mother can read it. If she wants to.

For information about my books, you can check out my website at www.anthonyeaton.com

I'm also known to distract myself by twittering occasionally. You can find me there by searching for @anthonyeaton


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