Friday, July 2, 2010

Day Two: Going Strong

See, a post a day. Not hard at all. The challenge will be keeping them interesting. And not resorting to lists and links of other people's content.

Speaking of which...

I've been working at home this morning, in a manner of speaking. Actually, the first hour and a half was spent tracking down and buying the last iPad in Canberra. (Well, probably not technically the last, but pretty damn close to, I suspect). It's rather nice, and shiny, and will be useful for work and travel. And lots of other things, I'm sure. Like meetings - I've been going to lots of meetings lately, and conferences, too.

That's my position on the matter, anyway.

Actually, on the subject of taking positions, a friend of mine, who'd prefer to remain nameless, is among those bashing away at this blog here and provides some thoughtful (and more than occasionally amusing) ideas for general consideration.

I've also, in recent months, been thoroughly enjoying the contributions to the blogosphere made by one John Birmingham who is - in my humble opinion, one of Australia's most versatile and edgy writers. JB's blog is a ripper and hits that nice, and often hard-to-achieve balance between provocation, humour, and intelligent social commentary.

Anyway, I've got a brand spanking new iPad sitting here on the table beside me and so, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and play.

See y'all tomorrow

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