Sunday, January 10, 2010

Suggestions, anyone? (Home Alone Day One)

So last night Min and Toby flew off to Perth to go to a wedding. I didn't.

And now it's Sunday morning, and I'm home alone. But not in a Macauly Caulkin way, just in a gee-the-house-is-really-quiet kind of way.

Now, I could mope around, feel sorry for myself and watch foxtel in my undies.

But no, I've decided to do something positive about the situation. Which is where you come in.

Poll is on the right hand side, people. Can't guarentee that I'll follow through, but you never know, do you? Perhaps as the week wears on...

And, of course, I'm happy to listen to any alternative suggestions. Feel free to comment away.

But now I have to go. I think Gilmore Girls is starting...


  1. You're a GG fan? Fantastic...a few big questions you need to answer.

    Luke or Christopher?
    Dean, Jess or Logan?
    Rory or Lorelai?

    Favourite episode?

    Weirdly I am taking all seven seasons of GG to Japan, as well as Band of Brothers. I am varied :)

    Or maybe the whole GG thing was a joke... It's late and I think I should stop typing now.

  2. Oh Dear. Public admission of fandom time.

    Imogen watched GG right through her pregnancy and I got kinda hooked. It's so well written, you understand. But I didn't pay really close attention, and therefore have no real opinion on it apart from:

    1.Luke (duh - no brainer, that one)
    2.All three were tossers, so far as I was concerned (I got a bit paternal there for a while around about series 3, and Logan was a shit, pure and simple.)

    Favourite episode? Dunno. The two that spring to mind are the dancing marathon one (mainly, I think, because the episode title was a clever one) or the Thanksgiving one where Suki's husband and friends are deep-frying everything in sight ("Deep Fried Shoe!")

    But as I say, I didn't pay that much attantion...

    Travel well, Adele. Looking forward to hearing that you're safe and sound in Japan.



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