Saturday, January 23, 2010

News, and a little bit of pimping

My friend Karen Brooks has a new website and blog. You should check it out here. It's really nice. I'm possibly kind of jealous (though not really; my website was designed and built by my clever wife, which I find very cool, too. The last website I put together for myself looked like the internet equivalent of duplo.)

On other matters, if all goes well, then Daywards should be off to the printers this week. The cover is done, the blurb written, the internals looking *pretty*, we've dotted all the i's, crossed the 't's' and removed all the preposterous words from the text. Like, well, 'preposterous' for example. It'll probably even be out on time, and in time for any lucky people attending the Somerset Celebration of Literature to be the first people in the country to be able to buy a copy.

My next book, Orion is a little stalled at the moment, owing to the vagaries of start-of-semester madness. Hopefully once things get going at uni in a couple of weeks, and my daily routine becomes a routine again, rather than a series of crisis-management triage moments, then I'll be able to get back in to it.

Anyway, it's hot as hell here, and we're off to Toby's grandmother's place for a swim.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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