Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Line Meme -

This one's been around for a little while, now: I first noticed it when Lili did it, and more recently Penny and have been meaning to get onto it myself ever since...

It's pretty self explanatory. First lines from your published, pending, and WIP's:


1. The Darkness:
The Darkness returned to Isolation Bay the Year I turned sixteen.

2. A New Kind of Dreaming: The boat was dead.

3. Nathan Nuttboard H.T.B: There's one thing you need to know, right from the outset

4. Fireshadow: Old spirits lived here. Ghosts as old as time.

5. The Girl in the Cave: Kate lived in a cave.

6. Nathan Nuttboard F.M: Families, on the whole, are great.

7. Nathan Nuttboard Upstaged: I know about getting dumped.

8. Nightpeople: The mother was young, no more than sixteen or seventeen, and the birth difficult.

9. Skyfall: Sunrise glittered and sparkled across the domes and spires of Port City.

10. Into White Silence: For almost two years now the small, leather-bound journal of Lieutenant William Downes has been sitting on a corner of my writing desk, defying me.

(Warning: fairly major spoiler if you're reading the Darklands Books)

11. Dayward:
On the day that Da Janil died, Dara had expected to be let off hunting duty.

(And, like Penni, I'm going to throw in a whole paragraph here, just in the hope of getting you hooked. Kind of like a crack dealer...)

12. Orion: The Hunter:
The first thing he was aware of was the cold. Intense, unbelievable cold, which stabbed hard into the dark fog of his sleep, dragging him into consciousness. This was cold beyond discomfort, beyond pain, even. It was so cold as to almost feel hot - as though a million burning needles were being pushed simultaneously into every muscle and fibre of his entire body.

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