Monday, November 30, 2009

It's 11 in the Morning, The end of Movember *

So, final day of Movember, today. Tomorrow, I can shave this thing off my face.

And thank God for that, I say. It's incredibly irritating.

But, it's also been kinda fun. And for a really good cause, so all worthwhile. I didn't get it long enough to wax the tips up, but I always thought that was a little ambitious.

And the good news (from my perspective, at least) is that while the donations hit a very healthy $490 (as of this morning), they didn't get to the magic $1000 mark, so I don't have to walk around tomorrow with half a moustache on my face. Phew.

For those interested, here's the final product:

Not entirely attractive, but not a shabby effort either, even if I do say so myself.

Thanks so much to everyone who so generously donated - given the number of men who die each year from both prostate cancer and depression-related issues, this is a really worthy cause, and a really effective means of raising both funds and - equally as importantly - awareness.

*with apologies to Leonard Cohen

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