Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ever wanted to humiliate a writer for a Good Cause?

All right then -

Here's the thing. I'm doing (as most of you already know) Movember. For anyone not in the loop, this is a facial hair festival which raises funds to support prostate cancer and men's health research. At the moment, I'm going on three weeks in, and have (if I do say so myself) a very respectable little Mo going on.

And I've got a few donations, which is great. Just passed the $150.00 mark today, which is fantastic. Even if one of the donors is my wife (How's that for supportive?).

But here's the thing. It's as itchy as hell, it catches food and it's generally a pain in the arse. Additionally, Mum is flying in to town next week for Toby's first birthday, and I know she'll give me all kinds of crap over my facial growth. She's not a fan of the facial hair, is mum.

Don't worry - I'm not about to shave it off and do my dough. Like I say - this is a very worthy cause here. Au Contraire, I'm about to up the stakes a little to make this experience truely worth while...

If my movember donations hit $1000 AUD by the end of November, then I pledge that at midnight on December 1st, I'll shave off only the left hand side of my moustache, and wear half a moustache around for a full 24 hours. I'll get lots of photos and post them here at Musings... Promise.

Is this a desperate bid to up my fund raising? Perhaps. But, let's face it, half a moustache is Funny, people.

So, if you decide you want to take part in this strange little escapade, then click here, dig deep, and help humiliate a writer. It's all going to a good cause, after all...

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