Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Cover Story

In keeping with my weekly posting routine, this is my first post in a little under a week. But you know that already, don't you? Truth is, at the moment (and just for something completely different) I'm horribly behind in just about every aspect of my life. This wasn't helped by last week which included:

a) The aforementioned job interview (no word on that, yet. Fingers still crossed, and cramping slightly...)

b) Me delivering my first ever academic 'Work-in-progress' paper to the rest of the faculty (or at least those who turned up). This was almost as nerve wracking as the interview, though I managed to avoid any Monty Python moments. I talked about the stuff I've been doing with current directions in YA fiction. I've blogged a lot of this already, so won't repeat myself here.

c) An all day symposium on friday on the topic of creative practice led research. I'm thinking of putting together a paper on this, too, so I won't bore you with the details quite yet. It was an awesome day, though.

In the middle of all that, I received something I probably should have posted here. It's sort of proof that I actually *have* done the final Darklands book. (Which, by the way, I finished editing and sent back to UQP about a week ago - only eight days late, which is something of a record for this particular work...)

It's this:Yep. That's right. An actual cover! And a damn awesome one, too (even if I do say so myself) Greg Bridges, the artist involved, has done his usual stellar job of this. I was absolutely blown away by his work on the first two books in the trilogy, but this one just takes the cake. I cannot wait to see it wrapped around a book. And John and Stella Danalis have done (as always) a brilliant job of the design. It looks fantastic alongside the other two covers, too.

So on that cheerful note, I'm going home.


  1. At last! The third book. I can't wait to finally read the end of this trilogy.

  2. Love the cover but more importantly - when is the book coming out? Wish it wasn't the last... hint, hint.... does it have to be a trilogy... *sad sigh*

  3. Thanks Sandy and Sash for your comment. Sadly, yes... it has to be a trilogy. It's taken me the better part of 10 years to get these three out. And this last one was a *difficult* write. I don't think I could get any more out of this story without going completely nuts. In a few years, though... who knows...

    We're on a really tight production schedule with this one, hoping to get it onto the shelves next April, between my appearances at Somerset and the SWF. That's if all goes well, of course.


  4. OMG!!! I love the darklands trilogy!!! This cover looks so amazingly AWESOME!!!! Can't wait until the actual BOOK comes out! When I saw Nightpeople I was like, wow this looks interesting. I'm so glad I picked it up that day! Skyfall made me faint! When I first saw the cover, I honestly couldn't stop looking at it!!! And more importantly, the books are AMAZING!!! How did you think of it? This cover blows me away...

  5. Glad you like it. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one finished, too - it's going to be a real buzz the first time I see them all side-by-side on my shelves. I'll post a pic here when it happens...



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