Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Virtual Home for me...

So... those of you who've been following my writing career with interest (hi Mum!) will know that I was, until quite recently, the proud owner of the URL. This was where I hosted my website which had links to my books, awards, that kind of stuff.

But, to be honest, the website was a bit difficult to maintain. Without having the requisite CSS and Webdesign skills to update it myself, it meant outsourcing it, which posed problems for all sorts of reasons.

So I kind let it... lapse.

Then, a little while back, I started getting confused emails from readers. Generally they wanted to know why I was really into Thai football. This came as a surprise, until I discovered that my website had been gazumped from under me.

This is entirely my fault, and I feel kinda dumb about it now...

On top of that, this little blog here (and the lack of any activity on it) has also been hanging over my head for a while now. With one thing and another, I've let it rather slip into inactivity and despite the best of intentions, haven't been able to find the time or energy to get back into blogging in any serious way. Plus, looking over it, it occurred to me that over the years it transmogrified somewhat from a blog about my writing and academic life into one that was mainly about my family. Which is fine. But not overly useful in a writerly sense...

So I've solved both problems by putting up a new combined website / blog over at wordpress. It'll deal exclusively with my books, and the blog will deal only with writing. Any family or personal blogging I decide to do will still pop up here in Musings from an Outer Spiral Arm from time to time. But for all book-related stuff, please visit me at Anthony Eaton, Writer

In a few weeks, after the two or so people who still follow this blog have had time to adjust their settings, I'll be switching Musings... into a more locked down mode, for family and friends (and, of course, any existing followers who are still even vaguely interested in my occasional musings...)

So thanks to anyone who does still check in here, and I hope to see you over on the other side soon!

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