Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why the Wheels Came off at the Final Corner...

So, my I will Post Every Day During July thing was going really nicely, up until about 48 hours ago, when things here plunged into a black hole of silence, which took us through to today, August first.

It's a pity, really - I enjoyed my (almost) daily blogging; having the obligation to produce something every day was good for my writing. Good for making me think a little more engagingly about my blog and do a little more planning for it. I was kinda sad to see it all fizzle out like that.

I'm sure you're all wondering 'What happened?'

Well, in two words: "Food Poisoning."

Friday, we took Toby and his cousins to the Zoo. We had a wonderful day. Took a lot of photos to use for the blog, saw tigers (they go 'Grrrrrrrrr') rode on the Merry-go-round (or 'carousel', if you happen to come from Texas), watched the elephant show, and all the other stuff that one does at the zoo. We also - and this is the important bit - ate lunch. Specifically one hot dog and one burger, which Min and I shared.

Then, at eleven p.m. friday night, I started throwing up.

I'll spare you the rest of the details. Trust me, you don't want 'em. It wasn't pretty. Suffice to say that by the time we got onto our plane home yesterday afternoon, both Min and I were sick as dogs, I'd had an anti-nausea injection from the only GP in Perth who'd fit us in at short notice, (Min's symptoms cut in just a little too late for the needle, but we got some pills into her) we'd dosed up on all sorts of other medications, and went through the longest four-hour-flight of our lives.

Luckily, we were picked up at the airport by Min's mum, who took us all home to her place and proceeded to look after Toby while Min and I slept for twelve hours.

So now it's Sunday afternoon. We've been home a couple of hours, are just getting unpacked, washing on, heater on, a very happy puppy at our feet, and are all feeling a lot better than we were this time yesterday.

And in the meantime, the end of my blogging July just sort of slipped past. Sorry about that, everyone, but at least my final excuse was a doozy.

In any case, I've got a few little bits and pieces that I'm going to post about during the next few days and weeks. While I'm not going to keep up daily posting, I'm going to shoot for a very achievable 3 posts per week, or thereabouts from here on in.

So, cheers to anyone who bothered reading my July ramblings - thanks for your patience.

Now, I'm going to try and eat some dry toast and vegemite...

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  1. I forgot about reading and then subsequently being upset not to have any new ones because I went to see Inception.

    Seriously, everything else is forgotten. I spent all of today surfing around websites that were discussing, interpreting, analysing, commentating and foruming about it.

    It's a worthy distraction.



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