Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now, I've got nothing against Vampires...

... apart from the fact that they're monstrous, undead, blood sucking fiends.

Speaking of which, I was in Borders a few days ago, and snapped this little pic:

That, it would appear, is all that the 'Young Adult' category has to offer at the moment. Stephanie Meyer and more Stephanie Meyer. And what the photo doesn't show are the adjacent shelves with about 30 variants on the Twilight theme, all with titles like; Vampire Academy, My Vampire Boyfriend, Dead - But Still Sexy (okay, so two of those are made-up, but you get the general idea)

Of course, on the other side of that shelf was all the 'other' YA fiction. You know, the stuff which isn't about vampires. Of course, most of that was in single copies only, all of it tucked away next to the children's section, and none of it was shelved face-out. If you weren't deliberately looking for it, you wouldn't know it was there.


Still, no point complaining about it, is there? I might as well just get back to writing my new vampire novel...


  1. Thank you, Anthony, for reminding me how wonderful it is not to work at Borders any more. When I first saw that I thought, oh, it must be a front of store display - but for that to be the actual YA section? It makes me very sad thinking of all those wonderful books shoved to one side to make room for the fanged fiction.

  2. oooh - 'fanged fiction' I like that! Might use it as the title for my next book ;)



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