Friday, April 23, 2010

Desk Envy...

I love my new office. And my new Macbook (I may have mentioned that, already, can't remember for sure) and my new-look desk at work. This is it:

Yes, you can never have enough flatscreens in front of you. And my new computer lets me drag windows from one screen into the others. It's a lot of fun. And makes me feel like I'm a character in Avatar. Or possibly a mission controller at NASA. Or just a geek.

Sadly, though, it's recently been bought to my attention that I'm really punching above my weight. I've been comprehensively outclassed by none other than Terry Pratchett:

I guess that sometimes you just have to admit that you're out of your league...


  1. I'm impressed you need three screens Tony. What are they all for? I would like another but at this stage would be happy with the biggest Mac screen money can buy. Next time, maybe.

    Terry Pratchett's screen city is just crazy! It really does look like he launches things. Again, what are they all for I wonder?

  2. Actually, to be completely honest, I'm only using two with the mac - the one on the left is my PC which I still use for a couple of applications that I don't have the Mac equivalent of, and also for putting together AV - I actually like the XP version of PPT more than the Mac version. (And I'm better at using it, which makes a difference). Having two screens for the main machine is epecially useful when I'm marking student work, as I can have the work up in front of me, and the marking sheet on the secondary screen, and not have to constantly flick between the two.

  3. Eek! I don't know about your new blog background! Did Imogen approve this?

  4. The background is a work in progress - I couldn't stand the boring old blogger template as it was, but admittedly I'm not 100% happy with this, either. I'm going to work up something myself when I get a few minutes, but until I do, this'll have to do the trick.



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