Monday, March 22, 2010

Things You All Need To Know

1. I do actually love you all. Really. Every one of you.
2. I haven't forgotten my login details for this blog.
3. I do intend to do a real blog post again sometime soon.
4. I'm going to Hong Kong next week.
5. I was on the Radio this morning. (Link in case you accidentally missed it. 'PM's awards extended' is the story. If you deliberately missed it then, well, fair enough.)
6. Somerset Writer's Festival was really good fun last week.
7. Work hasn't gone away, even though I did.
8. I have a lecture to write by wednesday.
9. I also have to move into a new office this week.
10. It's time for me to pick up Toby from Daycare.


  1. you were awesome at the TL part of the somerset. Thanks for making us all think.


  2. You must have had had a haircut for that Radio National gig... you were so smooth and polished, I could almost smell the brylcream.

  3. hi there antony,

    my name is cassandra. many years ago now you came to my high school. while there you told me i was the best writer in the class, and very talented. you invited me to come to your creative writing seminars, which i did. i'm now married and at uni. i was thinking of writing a book, but am unsure about how to go about getting it to be published or looked at. im too embaressed to let people even read essays ive written for uni. i was just wondering what kind of advice you could give, if any, if you have any time. you see you were someone who believed i had talent, and that has stuck with me. you even gave me a signed book of the darkness, which of course i still have. i consider you to be one of the best authors out there. also, i am SO DAMNED EXCITED that the third book in the darklands trilogy is nearly here! its my favourite book, and god knows ive been waiting so long to finally read it!



  4. Hi Cassie -

    In all the fun of the last few weeks, I just now noticed your comment. So sorry for not replying earlier than this. Congratulations on your wedding and uni and all that sort of stuff. It's really nice to hear from you, and great to know that the workshop made an impact - I did so many of them for a few years then that they all began to feel the same after a while.

    The main bit of advice I can give you here is pretty simple, actually - just get writing. Don't believe the little voice in your head that'll tell you you can't do it, or that what you're writing is crap, or that you're wasting your time. If you don't at least have a bash, then you'll never know. That's often the hardest step, I reckon - just backing yourself to get started.

    Glad you're pleased the last book's here, too. Probably not as pleased as I am, I'll bet :)

    Anyway, great to hear from you. And thanks for reading my blog.




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