Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Walk by Sydney Harbour

Last friday, I travelled up to Sydney for a meeting, and took the opportunity for a rare walk beside the sea. (well, harbour.) Like all good tourists, I took a few photos...

Standing amid the bustle of Circular Quay is one of my favourite places in the city. The business of the ferry terminal, the underscore of restless water, the rumbles, groans and growls of the ferries, the mutter of indifferent traffic on the Cahill expressway all bring this little corner of Sydney to life.

As you walk towards The Rocks the Opera House keeps vigil across the water . Even though it's the most touristy act in the country, it's impossible not to stop, stare, and spend a moment or two revelling in the sweep of those curving roofs.

Further around the point the Harbour Bridge looms over The Rocks, throwing its morning shadow far up the waterway, a dark band stilling the sparkle of the harbour.

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