Friday, July 3, 2009

Same Blog, New Location

So, this morning I posted over at Goodreads about my reasons for starting up a blog there. This was inspired by Adele's post this morning at Persnickety Snark, and dwelt largely with the question of accessibility.

It was soon pointed out to me, though, that the downside of a Goodreads blog is that people who aren't members, and don't necessarily want to become members, can't post comments. Which kinda undermines the whole accessiblity thing, really.

And so, therefore, in the interests of keeping things open, and also because I just want to be like all the cool kids (ie: James Roy), I've migrated my blog over here to blogspot. I'll keep the Goodreads one going, though, as a kind of mirror site to this one. That way everyone can choose which forum they prefer.

Of course, 'everyone' is about 6 people, to date, so it's really something of a moot point...

Either way, welcome all to 'Musings from an Outer-Spiral-Arm #2'



  1. Wow! That was a quick response to my feedback. Thanks.

    As for why someone wouldn't want to be a member of GoodReads. I'm not opposed to it as such, I just have no need to other than to comment on your blog. Although I probably would have eventually done so for that reason.

    I have used LibraryThing for some time which does the same sort of thing as GoodReads which is why I haven't joined up.

    BTW - I am loving Into white silence, but have the feeling I will be sad to finish and have to stop reading it. I can't really see room for a sequel either :-)

  2. And welcome to you too, Mr Eaton.

  3. LibraryThing is a rather different place than Goodreads. Come check Goodreads out! You might be pleasantly surprised. :)

  4. Phew! Now I will actually get around to reading your blog more often. Much easier over here in blogspot land to keep track of folk.



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